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iGene Medical Research & Training Center is an award-winning center that provides specialized medical training courses and outstanding workshops that enhance practical skills.

It is considered as the first innovative center in the private sector in KSA, founded by a highly skilled team consists of genomic scientists and consultants expertise with multiple purposes including raising the level of scientific research skills in the field of molecular genetics and cancer cell diseases, by providing state of the art in medical technology laboratories (Bio Safety Level BSL2, BoS2+) with the goal of making ideas a reality and finding the perfect solutions to diseases that are widely spread.

Our team will be your guide in your scientific journey, with us you'll be able to have a successful story, and gain practical and crucial skills.

Together, we will create non-oil investment channels that will ensure the advancement of the national economy.


We are seeking to develop the medical training skills, through practical applications that are available in our specialized laboratories; And our unique ability to raise the research skills in the scientific field, which will qualify us to innovate and invest in the latest scientific findings.


We are looking forward to be the leading partner in achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the human development program of the biogenetics field by 2030.

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We Provide All Aspects Of Medical Practice to Our Practitioners

We’re Setting the New Standards in Laboratory & Research Professional

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Scientific research is the next evaluation

Scientific research is the next evaluation

Entrepreneurship in the health sector

Entrepreneurship in the health sector

Laboratory medicine, a real investment!!

Laboratory medicine, a real investment!!