Entrepreneurship in the health sector

Entrepreneurship in the health sector

Entrepreneurship in the health sector

Medicine, medical sciences, medicine and disease control have long been a real criterion for the progress of nations and their development is measured by their close association with the well-being of society. It is no secret that health care and its components are one of the most important pillars of the national society and maintain its permanence, so nations have been racing for the best possible health care and may go beyond the best luxury health care!. Investment in community health care has become one of the most attractive sectors of capital for the nature of this type of investment for its sustainability, renewable, growth and development. As time accelerates, technology develops and artificial intelligence patterns are developed and their medical applications have accelerated to reduce the complications of diseases and even reduce their spread, and we are still learning from the lessons derived from the Covid-19 pandemic and the extent to which technology contributes to reducing its complications..

Here we stand for a while and talk about the role of medical innovation in solving crises and helping to reduce the repercussions of the economy.

We all agree that there was no small or large economic activity except commenting on the rolls of his shop, which was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Except for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and various health activities, the economic analyst became surprised by the stock jumps in the global stock exchanges and the medical sector, and how reassuring and rewarding those leaps were for investors in the health sector at the time, and that everyone took out their old books to check, collect, and communicate with their old creditors

Hence, the feasibility of investing in medical innovation, whether in biogenesis or medical reagents, is an urgent requirement for the progress of people, and this was one of the items in the Saudi Vision of 2030, which stipulated that prevention before treatment is a necessary requirement for achieving the health well-being of a strong and prosperous country whose growth accelerates with the leaps of global development.

What it means to invest in molecular biology simply means that one day the patient will go to the pharmacy to wipe the pharmacist's electronic tape on the patient's wrist to learn about his pathological history and genetic factors affecting his genetic pattern to derive from that information the treatment perfectly suited to his genetic dye to achieve the highest rates of identification. It may be difficult to imagine the occurrence of this kind of technological development, but it is exactly as they were in 1970 when the size of the computer was the size of the palm of their

There is no doubt that we in Saudi Arabia are living (dreamers) who think outside the box and go into their imaginations to find unfamiliar solutions to find radical solutions to the dilemmas that haunt society.

There are no limits to medical technology applications to reduce the spread of cancers and genetic mutations, and this is what they call the iGene code in bringing together the world of cancer and genes with the engineer of God and the data regulator under a roof and taking to find both parties an answer to the question (how if .....).