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The basic concepts of Western blot  - iGene
From 02 August to 03 August 2022

Western Blot

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Since the development of the protein analysis technique, the western blot technique became one of the gold standards in protein analysis.

Western blots enable investigators to determine the molecular...

RPPA - iGene
From 21 June to 24 June 2022


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Reverse-phase protein arrays (RPPA) offer great promise for the identification and analysis of critical biomarkers for disease states in patient samples and for high-throughput drug screening using...

Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery - iGene

Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery

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Nanotechnology is defined as the application of nano-scale materials toward various fields including petroleum, agriculture, marine, cosmetics and medicine. Nanomedicine, which involves the application...

Essential Molecular Biology - iGene
From 22 May to 24 May 2022

Essential Molecular Biology

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The course aims at giving a solid foundation in modern molecular genetics.

It is intended to help medical health workers with Molecular Biology concepts.

It will...